WOLFHUSKY PUPS are here!!!! 
new  litter BORN ON December 20th 2013.

Pups are $850 each. Deposits will be half down. We are now accepting deposits.
Picking order in the order of deposits received. Fully paid pups get first pick in order of first payment received. Mommy is doing great. We have a litter of six. Two males. Four females. Three are already sold. This is her fourth litter. She is a natural mother, very attentive. (432) 209-9405 leave message if no answer, I will return calls. Sereta.
You will notice paypal buttons at the bottom of this page and on the new pups page. Either one of these will take you to pay for the deposit. This is the only form of payment we accept. We have tried other payments without success. As the saying goes, one bad apple spoils the whole bunch. Sorry for any inconveniences. Walmart does sell paypal cards where you put money on the card to purchase things online. We are also going to accept moneypaks from walmart or other locations. Or cash in person, but this form of payment does not hold the puppy would only be if a puppy is available.
check out new pups page!!! new pictures added....
Upcoming Schedule of Events

Date Time Event
December 1 begin accepting deposits

December 20 8pm puppies began arriving six born

December 21 sold pup grey brown male sold

December 21 sold pup grey brown female sold one with biggest stripe on face
January 15 sold pup grey brown female
Below are the parents both last litter of puppies and the upcoming litter puppies. These beautiful wolf hybrid creatures are part of our family. Mommy is mid content wolf hybrid husky mix. Daddy is high content wolf hybrid, artic wolf, timbergrey wolf, and mackenzie wolf.  The dogs have almost two acres of fenced in area to run.  The wolf hybrids have grass to roll around on. Also, the trees are getting bigger for shade. They love to dig holes, play chase, jump a stack of logs, chase lizards and frogs, and go for a wade in their little ponds. Wagging tails always meet us at the gate. Wolf hybrids have huge paws to love you with. They can sit, stay, lay, eat from your hand, daddy can jump in a pickup bed, mommy always wants help even though she too can jump. They both are leash broke, and they love to go for  long walks (runs better). Early mornings and late evenings are the best times to watch them. When the sun starts to set they will howl at the coyotes which come up close to our house. From the howls, one would think there is a huge pack of wolves, but there is only three voices. The sounds are truly incredible. (The solid white male is their baby. We kept him to see what he would be like all grownup. He is amazing. Extremely calm and very lovable. He outweighs his parents. He is 150 pounds.)


Solid white male puppy. Born December 24, 2011. We named him Diesel. He weighs 150 pounds. Brown eyes, one marbled. He needs a large fenced yard to run, just as all large dogs need. Also, he needs daily love and affection. He is very docile. Daddy has put him thur extensive canine college.  He is very sensitive and requires warm gentle reminders. He is very smart. He can walk on a leash, sit, stay, lay, still working on come. His favorite thing is wading in his little pool and chasing things.

Contact Information

Now taking deposits. Half down is $425.00. Picking pup in order deposit was received. Pay in full $850.00. All paid in full buyers get first pick. Leave questions or comments in the box below. We are in West Texas. We do not like to ship our pups. If you insist on shipping you will have to pay all shipping costs including vet fees and container fees. However, delivery less than 50 miles $150.00. 51-90 miles $300.00. Delivery fees and puppy must be paid in full prior to arranging for delivery. We use paypal services as protection to seller and buyers. Thank you. Have a nice day.

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Put in the required amount of deposit. Remember half down is the minimum required. If more than one puppy is being purchased use the quanity key. Thanks.
More previous litter pictures.
Below are the three pups available. See the new pups page for more pictures.
White female for sale, grey brown female sold, second white female for sale, dark grey male for sale.
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